Acryfold is manufactured using the latest technology, ensuring good memory and high accuracy. The lenses are made with time tested imported high quality UV absorbable Hydrophilic material. The combination of the best material and the choice of design makes the Hydrophilic single piece a complete range of product. The advantage of a foldable lens is clearly that the size of the incision can be made very much smaller.

Acryfold Clear Monofocal Foldable lens

Acryfold Yellow Monofocal Foldable lens

Special Features Benefits

● Equi-Biconvex and special Haptic design with slots prevents post-operative complications such as buckling or anteroposterior movement of the lens.

● Because of post-operative stability, this design performs well in centration and in refraction accuracy.

● The Square Edge design of these Models reduces PCO and the Haptics are relatively stiffer to withstand the forces of capsule contraction.

● High power lenses (upto +34D) may be injected through an unenlarged wound size of 3.0 mm diameter.

● The Multi Focal Lenses (Model MF 705 and MF 605) will have an additional 4.5D for near vision.


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